Saturday, April 21, 2012

Newest Kindle and Nook Addition

Fugitive Colors is the 9th and last in my Lieutenant Sigrid Harald, NYPD series.  Although she appeared in Three-Day Town and will come down to NC District Court Judge Deborah Knott's Colleton County turf in The Buzzard Table (due out in November), Fugitive Colors completes the story arc I'd planned for her from the very start. With her emotions rubbed raw, this normally strong-willed police professional must grope her way out of grief and back into life.  Intimidated by the responsibilities that come with sudden wealth, she will have to figure out how to deal with her new "normal."

The title is the technical term for pigments that fade with time and exposure to light.  It explains why so many figures in medieval paintings seem to have gray or green-gray flesh tones.

It's been interesting to me to have to go back and read these books.  There is much that has dated over the years, but greed and pride and a thirst for revenge never really get dated, do they?

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