Friday, March 16, 2012

Spring Has Sprung

Trees are in bloom, azaleas are bursting their buds and dogwoods are uncurling. Bluets have made a carpet under the pear trees. This is the view from my office window.

No wonder it's hard to stay indoors and work. At least Deborah Knott gets to drive through the countryside on her way to the courthouse. I only get to walk down the hall. (On the other hand, I'm lucky in that nobody notices if I sneak out and take time to smell the spirea and enjoy the tiny bluets that carpet the grass beneath those pear trees.)

Daylight saving time again. St. Patrick's Day now and Malice Domestic looming in the future. I won't be going to NY for the MWA Edgar festivities but I can imagine the nervousness of the nominees, having been there myself. Some have said that the Edgar is the ugliest award given but most mystery writers would love to have one on the bookshelf. I have to agree that he usually does look a bit hungover, though. To perk him up, I have hats for all seasons. This one is in honor of St. Paddy, who probably liked a nip or two himself!

Come over to my Facebook page and share your thoughts on spring. I myself am hoping for lots of rain once pine pollen season starts!

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