Sunday, September 25, 2011

Messages in a Bottle

Images-11For the last few years, I have enjoyed writing (mostly) weekly essays for this website. I looked upon them as messages in a bottle for my readers, never knowing if they ever reached the metaphorical shores for which they were intended or had crashed against an ocean liner and sunk to the bottom unread.

Because of increased commitments (finishing The Buzzard Table, my 2012 book; preparing to teach a writing seminar in November; promoting Three-Day Town, which also comes out in November, plus an exceedingly crowded fall calendar), I am going to suspend these weekly posts for now.

I will continue to list any scheduled public events here and I will enjoy your comments on my Facebook page.

In addition, I blog for The Lipstick Chronicles ( on the 2ndand 4th Wednesdays of each month and love reading your comments there.

Hope to see you while I’m out and about and hope I’ll be back around Thanksgiving.

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