Saturday, April 9, 2011


Over the years, many of you have asked how you can acquire print-and-paper copies of my backlist without spending a fortune.

Recently, my husband and I finally got around to cleaning out the attic where I found several boxes of books that I had almost forgotten about. See, what happens is that writers are entitled to a dozen or more free copies of every edition. We give them to family members and close friends or we hand them out to reviewers and and interviewers as promotional pieces. Even so, we often get many more copies than we need, which is how they wind up stacked behind the suitcases and Christmas decorations in the attic.

When the owner of Quail Ridge Books and Music heard that I wanted to clear the attic and thin out my extra copies, she came right out and took a large assortment back to the store, which will be offering them for sale over the next few months. If you're missing a particular title, eMail them with your wish list ( and they will get back to you with quotes. Some are large-print, some are British editions, some are only in paperback, but they will have most of the titles that have been unavailable for years.

If you've been wanting a hardback copy of a missing title, this may be your chance to get it. And if you want it signed, let them know.

Good luck!
(PS: That's a bottle of Terro Ant Killer from Southern Discomfort in the top picture. It's not for sale!)

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