Sunday, January 10, 2010

New York in January . . .

. . . is not as crazy this year as one might normally think.  Yes, there are traces of ice and snow on the street and the high for today is only supposed to be 30°, but it was that cold in Raleigh when we got on the train Friday, so our Southern cold wave had acclimated us somewhat.  As long as the wind isn’t blowing, I’m fine with three layers of clothing and a knit hood. 

I’m here to research the 2011 book—a book that will finally let Deborah Knott and Sigrid Harald meet for the first (and only?) time—and I’m having fun noticing the differences between their two worlds.

For instance, this is the view out of one of our hotel windows.  It would appear that the desire for outdoor living space is universal.  This is a terrace shared by two families.  The space on the left is fairly formal and tidy (although what’s with that exercycle?), while the space on the right is exuberantly furnished with a huge plastic frog, flamingoes, and so many chairs that they must entertain all summer long.  One wonders what the more sedate family thinks about that?  And why isn’t there a privacy fence to protect them from the visual clutter? 

The family on the left has a small dog who is accompanied by its owner whenever it comes outside.  The one on the right has a very fat cat who seems to come and go at will through a window flap.

As a writer, I have already visualized a scenario of how these two interact.  What I haven’t quite visualized is how Deborah and Sigrid will interact.

Stay tuned!

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