Wednesday, August 22, 2012


In winter, my favorite mixed drink is a bourbon and Pepsi, but during the sweltering days of summer, bourbon just tastes too heavy.

A frozen margarita is good, but too much trouble when I just want to pour something in a glass and go sit on the porch while a thunderstorm rolls in.

The British Raj invented the gin and tonic to help treat malaria, which was so prevalent in India—the quinine was supposed to be a medicinal help.  Whether or not a “G and T” helped ward off the chills and fevers, it certainly made a good hot-weather drink and one that I switched to every summer even though the quinine water could be bitter and I wasn’t all that fond of the lime slices.

I began to substitute orange slices, then, when out of fresh oranges, a splash of orange juice, which eventually evolved into a drink I call a Carolina Sunrise.  The recipe is simplicity itself:  take a large glass, fill it with ice.  Add equal parts of Schweppes diet tonic water and orange juice. Stir in a jigger of gin. Add a straw and enjoy.

Even without the gin, it’s very refreshing and, like a Bloody Mary that’s half tomato juice, could almost be called healthy.

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