Monday, August 13, 2012

Garden of Eden Zinnias

Last year I wrote about Thalassa Cruso, the Julia Child of horticulture, and how she and her mother theorized that the Garden of Eden had only purple or mauve flowers because that’s what most red and pink hybrids reverted to if you let them come back from seeds.  I also mourned that I had never been able to locate any of her videos.  Well, someone has.  Google “Thalassa Cruso videos” and you will see that someone has managed to dig up two separate episodes from her Boston programs.  She really was a distinct personality but, just like Julia, she’s an acquired taste.

Here are some of the colorful zennias I grew last summer.

This spring I did not plant hybrid seeds.  Instead, I waited to see what would volunteer.  Just as Thalassa predicted, not a single clear yellow or red flower emerged.  Just these.  They’re pretty, (and the butterflies love them) but they’re neither red nor yellow….sigh.


Nevertheless, hope your late summer garden is full of color.

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