Saturday, July 21, 2012


A free download that is.

Beginning today (Saturday 21) and continuing through Monday (July 23), One Coffee With, the first in my Sigrid Harald, NYPD series can be downloaded to your Kindle or electronic reader for free.  If you haven't yet given this series a try, now is your chance.

If you don't have a Kindle, not to worry. Amazon has free apps you can download that will allow you to read ebooks on your PC or Mac, iPod, iPad and certain smart phones.  Just go to and choose the appropriate app for your device.

Incidentally, more web-knowledgeable friends tell me I should have asked everyone who downloads ONE COFFEE WITH to click the "like" button next to the title. This is supposed to add stars to my Amazon crown or something, so if y'all would . . .?  Thanks!

As noted before, this series consists of 8 titles, but covers only one year in Sigrid Harald's life.  Each book can stand alone, but read in sequence, each gives a new piece of the puzzle about events around her father's death.

The series begins on a bright spring morning in a CUNY Art Department as the professors pause for coffee between classes.  (Any resemblance between Vanderlyn College and Brooklyn College where I once worked as the departmental secretary is strictly coincidental.)  Incidentally, the "With" in this book's title is not the usual cream or sugar but potassium dichromate, which is used to etch engraving plates.

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