Sunday, June 19, 2011


THERightJack The Right Jack
is now an eBook on Kindle and Nook and I’m so happy to have it available again. It’s the fourth book in my Sigrid Harald series. The title is a cribbage term, but you don’t have to know this card game to enjoy the book even though it takes place at a cribbage tournament in an exclusive Manhattan hotel.

In brief, six cards are dealt to each of the two players. Each contributes two cards, facedown, to the “crib,” which will belong to the dealer of that hand. Then the cards are cut and one card is turned up on the deck. Say it’s the five of hearts. If either hand contains the jack of hearts—i.e., the “right jack”—that person gets to peg an extra point on the cribbage board between them. Both players may use the turn card when counting up their points. The winner is whover pegs out first.

When one of the boards explodes and two people are killed outright, Lt. Sigrid Harald, NYPD must discover which was the intended victim—their “right jack.” 127369-004-50118BB4

As noted before, I began this series more than twenty years ago, which means that subways took tokens, telephones were tethered to the wall, and a police investigation could take shortcuts that would not stand up in today’s courts. Smoking was everywhere allowed and rotting piers still lined Manhattan’s western edge.

Nevertheless, human emotions are timeless and a young Navy officer is the unwitting catalyst that brings the coolly detached Sigrid Harald closer to artist Oscar Nauman.

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