Sunday, May 31, 2009

Torture or Tender Care?

Any idea as to what this is?  

I saw it on a friend's farm recently and was fascinated -- both for what it is and for its potential as a possible crime scene.  It really does look like some sort of medieval torture machine, doesn't it?

If I show you the animals this contraption was built to restrain, would that help you guess what it is?  These may look like ordinary horses but they are huge Belgians, built along the lines of Budweiser's  massive Clydesdales.  


And here's an unretouched picture that gives you the final clue:   
note the horseshoes on the rafter.  This is where the Belgians are shoed.  They are so big and so heavy that if their feet aren't supported and restrained, they could break the farrier's foot.  So this is a structure built to afford maximum protection for horse and man during the shoeing process.

But I still think it looks like something that belongs in a murder mystery!


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