Sunday, April 12, 2009

On the Road Again

It’s always fun to get out and meet new people or to reconnect with long-time readers, and touring with a long-time friend makes the experience even more enjoyable. 

 Carolyn Hart and I met at the very first organizational meeting of Sisters in Crime back in the mid-80s and took to each other right away.  Both of us were published by Bantam, which further strengthened the bond.  In the early years, before publishers would underwrite tours for mid-list women writers, she and I were part of a loose affiliation of friends who would pool our pennies, sleep on the couches of generous friends across the country and book our own tours through the network of mystery book stores that once dotted the literary landscape.

 We have wonderful memories of those days and when Carolyn flies into Raleigh this week and we head down to South Carolina together, I’m sure the car will rock with laughter and “Do you remember the time we got lost driving out of Arlington?” and “Which was the bookstore with all the black cats?” or “Remember when we—?”

 Click on my tour schedule above and if you’re anywhere near the South Carolina Coast this week, come add to our good memories!

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